Phil Peterson giving a presentation at ReadyNation Summit 2013

KidSucceed LLC was started by Phil Peterson in July 2016 after a 38-year consulting career in human resources and risk management.

Phil specializes in Pay for Success (PFS) strategies using social impact financing. His work includes assisting states and local jurisdictions with advisory services in developing PFS projects in the areas of early childhood education, pre/post-natal home visiting, healthcare, and housing and treatment programs for homeless individuals and families.

Phil has had a rich and rewarding consulting career leading national consulting practices and large profit centers. His background as an actuary has given him the skills to analyze complex technical concepts and solve tough problems. More importantly for clients, his expertise and deep experience communicating clearly and strategizing creatively with clients has helped them create and implement winning action plans.

Prior to starting KidSucceed, Phil made the transition from a 38-year consulting career to working full time at his true passion helping young children grow up to lead successful lives. In 2014, he became Deputy Director at ReadyNation, the preeminent business leader organization advocating for greater investment in children to improve their opportunities for achieving success in life.

Phil has been committed to advocating for young children and to helping the homeless get back on their feet for a long time. During his consulting career, his “night” jobs included being co-chair of the ReadyNation advisory board and serving as the board chair for a Pennsylvania regional homeless shelter. In addition, he served on the board of the Economy League of Greater Philadelphia and on the state board of the Pennsylvania Economy League.

Phil currently serves as Senior Advisor to Econsult Solutions, Inc. on social impact issues, specifically the use of Pay for Success by state and local communities.

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