Increasingly, successful social services organizations are developing robust, customized program outcomes when scaling their programs to link the organization’s mission to success in serving clients.

Developing robust, customized program outcomes can help organizations build a better evidence base for the value of their services. It can also help prepare organizations to pursue new, innovative funding models, such as Pay for Success (PFS).

KidSucceed will help you develop meaningful and measurable program outcomes. We regularly work with economists, researchers, and other specialists on outcome evaluation frameworks, tools and implementation plans:

  • Assessing the environmental landscape and historical outcome traditions at your organization and similar organizations
  • Conducting analyses and interviews to assess current practices and identify gaps
  • Developing outcomes and indicators based on available data and stakeholder input
  • Examining best practices and mapping those practices to selected outcomes
  • Testing preliminary outcomes against existing data
  • Examining and mining data from multiple sources that support (or contradict) final outcomes
  • Defining data specification, sources and necessary linkages to feed an evaluation system to support outcomes
  • Building evaluation models that can measure outcome achievement using refreshed data and that can be modified based on programmatic and data sourcing changes
  • Developing models for pilot programs, together with expansion implementation and follow-up readiness planning/training for staff and providers

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