KidSucceed specializes in the early stages of Pay for Success (PFS) project development, from initial exploration and scoping through the completion of project feasibility studies, in the areas of early childhood, homelessness, and health care.


While feasibility is often viewed as the first stage of a PFS project, there are a number of steps communities must take before entering into a full-fledged feasibility assessment — what we call “pre-feasibility.”

The purpose of pre-feasibility work is to determine whether PFS is an appropriate and viable option for addressing the social issue at hand.

Communities often begin by convening a small group of key stakeholders, including community service organizations, business leaders, foundations, government, and other civic leaders. They discuss the social issue problem, the outcomes they aim to achieve, and potential alternatives for issue intervention.

What We Do

We help guide clients through this process by acting as a facilitator and strategic advisor. We help identify and coordinate with key actors, develop materials to share with stakeholders, and conduct preliminary assessments to aid the community’s decision whether to pursue a PFS project.

If the community determines that PFS is an appropriate option, we help create timelines for strategy development, feasibility, and potential construction. We also begin to garner support for the proposed intervention program from key constituents.


The purpose of the feasibility stage is to determine whether a proposed PFS project is likely to achieve the desired outcomes and catalyze action by critical stakeholders in supporting the project.

The work in this stage culminates with a detailed feasibility study report, which serves as the project’s “prospectus” for potential transaction participants if the community decides to move forward.

In this stage, communities establish detailed parameters for the feasibility study. Parameters often include characteristics and eligibility of the target population, metrics to measure the desired project outcomes, and criteria for supporting research. Additional research and financial analysis, including cost/benefit models and multi-year financial projections, are also conducted to support the feasibility study.

What We Do

We assist communities in all aspects of feasibility-stage work, including project design, outcomes development, and financial analysis, while continuing to provide facilitation and administrative support. We help the community build datasets to underpin the feasibility study by engaging with data providers and users. Together with our research partners, we design and conduct research to support the study.

We collaborate with the community and the researcher to produce the feasibility report. Once the report is complete, we help communities interpret the findings and make recommendations for further action.

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