KidSucceed LLC provides early-stage Pay for Success advisory services and program outcomes development services in early childhood, homelessness, and health care.

Our Services

We guide clients through the complex early stages of Pay for Success project development and program outcomes development.

Viability & Pre-Feasibility

Explore Pay for Success for your community

We convene stakeholders and help communities determine whether to move forward with Pay for Success.

Our Pre-Feasibility Services


Evaluate the feasibility of your project

We help communities design their Pay for Success project and assess its feasibility.

Our Feasibility Services


Demonstrate the value of your organization's services

We help organizations develop meaningful and measurable program outcomes.

Outcomes Services

About KidSucceed LLC

KidSucceed LLC was started by Phil Peterson after a 38-year consulting career in human resources and risk management.

Phil specializes in early childhood and homelessness Pay for Success (PFS) strategies using social impact financing. His work includes assisting states and local jurisdictions with advisory services in developing PFS projects in the areas of early childhood education, parental/family education for young children, pre/post-natal home visiting, and housing and treatment programs for homeless individuals and families.

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Adding up the “Why” for Non-profits

By Phil Peterson | From the Econsult Solutions Blog

When we get to the end of the year, it is often a time for reflection and looking back at the accomplishments and activities of the past twelve months. For private sector companies, the bottom line is pretty simple – did we earn more than we spent.

But for our friends in the non-profit world, the accounting isn’t quite as straight forward. Every non-profit wants to run in the black, so earnings being greater than expenditures are always a goal. But for a mission-driven organization, there is also a focus on whether your work has met your mission – in other words, what are the outcomes of the effort that you expended during the past year?

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